Organic Avocado Powder And Its Numerous Application

organic avocado powder
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Did you know that avocado is one of the world's most popular superfoods? It benefits your skin, hair, bones, and overall health. There are numerous articles about the health benefits of avocados. But have you ever heard of organic avocado powder?

Avocado Powder: What Is It?

Avocado pulps are used to create a freeze-dried avocado powder. The pulp is frozen, and then a few basic steps are taken to turn it into powder.

Avocados are a seasonal fruit, so avocado fruit powder is a fantastic idea. You need organic avocado powder and water to make a good paste. The finished product has the same flavor as a regular avocado and is available all year round.

The flavor of avocado fruit powder is nutty. Because of its high oil content, it should be processed and consumed as soon as possible. It also has a soft consistency and is best used with small grain sizes.

The orange color distinguishes it from other fruit powders: it is a natural dye that can be used in place of artificial pigments in various end products.

Avocado And Its Fruit Benefits

In recent years, no other fruit has become as popular as a "trend food" or "superfood" as avocado. Its pulp is a highly nutritious ingredient for pastes, salads, smoothies, and sauces.

Furthermore, the cosmetic industry has helped to make avocado fruit flour a popular bio-based raw material for masks, peelings, and balms.

However, the majority of the nutrients in this fruit are found in the large, heavy avocado fruit. It has the highest concentration of amino acids, vitamins, and soluble fibers of any fruit or vegetable.

The so-called "corazón de aguacate," or avocado heart, has traditionally been pulverized and added to many dishes in its Central and South American countries of origin.

Avocado Powders from Other Sources

Because avocado products are popular in many countries, different parts of the fruit can be transformed and pulverized. Avocado pulp is commonly used in food additives, dietary supplements, and pharmaceuticals. The pulp can be mashed to make a mostly frozen paste that can then be sold as a fresh ingredient.

Furthermore, the mashed pulp can be filtered and spray-dried to produce a long-lasting and rich concentrate.

Avocado Shell Granules - Granulated Peel

Avocado peel is a biomass with high elasticity. It can be ground, sieved to any micron fraction, and tailored to various uses.

Pure avocado peel granules remain stable when exposed to moisture and do not swell in liquid formulations due to their hydrophobic nature. Avocado shell granules have been tried and tested as a non-food additive replacement.

How Should Avocado Powder Be Kept?

You have two options once you open your avocado powder bag:

  • If you leave the product in a room at room temperature for 24 hours, it will rehydrate and be ready to use.
  • The second option is to store your avocado powder in the refrigerator. It can be rehydrated and used for 10 - 30 days.

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