Organic Pumpkin Fruit Powder- Nutritional Profile, Uses & More

Organic Pumpkin Fruit Powder is one of the most promising ingredients of food and beverage industry. Find out more about its nutritional profile and industrial uses here.
Facts About Pumpkin Fruit Powder
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Decoding The Blue-Green Algae: Spirulina

Black Pepper Extract has piqued the interest of investors in recent times. Organic Black Pepper Extract is also gaining popularity as a natural food preservative.
spirulina powder nutrition facts
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Everything You Need to Know About Oats

Oat has grown to fame insanely and has suddenly become the ideal breakfast thing. Find out more about its biological background, nutritional values, and industrial uses.
Facts About Oats
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Everything You Need to Know About Aloe Vera Powder

Aloe Vera served medicinal and therapeutic purposes anciently. Let us learn more about its industrial uses, and where we can find Aloe Vera Powder in bulk.
Facts About Aloe Vera Powder
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Everything You Need to Know About Carrot Powder

The impressive array of nutrients and plant compounds makes carrot powder one of the choicest ingredients in the food and nutraceutical industry. Find out more about it here.
Facts About Carrot Powder
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Facts About Dulse You Barely Knew Before!

The leafy sea vegetable, Dulse is a source of essential nutrients, including fiber, protein, and antioxidants. Find out more facts about Dulse and the use of Dulse powder in the food and nutraceutical industries.
Facts About Dulse
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Downsides of an Ineffective Procurement Team

If the only downside of a bad procurement decision were the loss of money, it would not have been that great of a blow. Find out how can bad procurement decisions impact your business.
Dietary and Nutraceutical Industry
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An Illustrative Discussion on the Importance of Probiotics for Human Health

Have you been wondering what is probiotics? Find out everything about them and how they can benefit human health.
Probiotics for Human Health
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5 Best Sourcing Practices of 2022

Sourcing is not just hatching great deals. Here are a few promising Sourcing Practices globally known to be rewarding in terms of the superiority of the final product.
Dietary and Nutraceutical Industry
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Turmeric Roots- Nutritional Profile, Industrial Uses and More

Turmeric is often referred to as the golden spice because of its health virtues. Let us find out everything about the biological background of turmeric and the benefits of turmeric roots here.
About Turmeric Roots
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Critical sourcing Challenges in the Dietary and Nutraceutical Industry

The nutraceutical industry has great demands and challenges for sourcing professionals to thrive stably. Here are a few sourcing challenges that professionals face.
Dietary and Nutraceutical Industry
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The A to Z You Need to Know About Blackberry Fruit

Packed with nutrients, blackberry fruit is a ‘superfood’. Here’s the nutritional profile and industrial uses of this wonderful, power-packed berry.
About Blackberry Fruit
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You Couldn’t Know Coriander Seeds This Better; Check Out Here!

We discuss in detail coriander, a favorite household spice across the globe. This popular & nutritious herb is versatile and used across industries.
Facts About Coriander
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Ashwagandha Benefits, Nutrition Profile, Industrial Uses & More

Ashwagandha plant is gaining popularity across industries. Do you yet know this herb enough? Here’s the nutritional benefits & uses of ashwagandha.
Facts About Ashwagandha
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Hidden Facts About Fenugreek Seeds, We Bet You Didn’t Know

The common household spice fenugreek has a plethora of surprising facts hidden under it. Let us dig in and explore the A to Z of fenugreek seeds.
Facts About Fenugreek Seeds
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The A to Z You Need to Know About Paprika

Paprika spice has many industrial uses that make it more than just a spice. From medicines to lip tints, here’re the products made from paprika.
Facts About Paprika Plant
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Marjoram – Nutrition Profile, Uses, and More

From desserts to deodorants, marjoram, the cousin of oregano has limitless applications. Let’s dig deeper into this wonderfully versatile herb.
Facts About Marjoram
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Rhubarb - Nutrition Profile, Uses, and More

Rhubarb plant is grown for its stalks & used for culinary & medicinal purposes. Know this dietary ingredient more closely & find its incredible industrial uses.
Facts About Rhubarb Plant
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Interesting Lesser-Known Facts About Carrot

Carrots have a plethora of hidden facts surrounding them. Carrot powder has a range of industrial applications that make it a versatile vegetable.
Facts About Carrot
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Interesting Lesser-Known Facts About Papaya Fruit

Papaya fruit is known for its versatile applications. It has created a revolution in all kinds of industries, starting from cosmetics to pharmaceuticals.
Facts About Papaya Fruit
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A Comprehensive Discussion About Dong Quai

Dong Quai is here for more than a thousand year now. Are you yet aware of this medicinal wonder? Check out the A to Z of Dong Quai root here in this blog!
Discussion About Dong Quai
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Stevia- A Guide to the Best Sugar Alternative

Stevia powder is a life-changing ingredient & a super healthy alternative to sugar. Learn what it is & how this natural sweetener can affect your lifestyle.
Amazing Facts About Stevia
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Raspberry - Nutrition Profile, Uses, and More

Apart from being a super nutritious berry, what else can raspberry help with? Here’s your complete guide to raspberry powder and its industrial usage.
Raspberry - Uses and More
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Everything You Need to Know About Reishi Mushroom

Reishi Mushroom, popularly known as the Ganoderma Mushroom is predominantly used in the health and wellness industry. Find out everything about it here.
Facts About Reishi Mushroom
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Quinoa: Types, Fascinating Facts, and Nutritional Comparison

Touted as a super grain, quinoa is one of the healthiest foods on earth. Explore more about its types, facts, and nutritional comparison
Facts About Quinoa
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Chamomile- Nutrient Profile, Types, Uses, And More

Chamomile tea is rising in popularity for its strong aroma and beneficial properties. Check out everything about this incredible herb.
Facts About Chamomile
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Lion’s Mane Mushroom – Overview, Nutrition Profile, and Interesting Facts

The nutrition-rich lion’s mane mushroom deserves a spot in your diet. Check out some surprising facts about this powerful mushroom.
Facts About Lion’s Mane Mushroom
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Holy Basil: Nutrition Facts, Types, and Uses

Be it drinks or beauty products, holy basil serves an array of purposes. Explore the nutritional value, types, and uses of this phenomenal herb. 
Facts About Holy Basil
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Your Complete Guide to Pea Protein Powder

Pea protein powder is revolutionizing the world as a vegan healthy supplement. Here is everything you need to know about pea protein.
Pea Protein Powder
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Top Industrial Uses of Marshmallow

Marshmallow plant is creating a lot of buzz globally for its varied industrial uses. Here’s everything to know about the wonderful herb.
Uses of Marshmallow
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A Comprehensive Guide to White Kidney Beans

White kidney beans are a pantry staple with bountiful nutrients. Learn more about the kidney beans nutrition in this guide.
Facts About White Kidney Beans
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8 Best Industrial Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a fermented juice used in food dressings and beauty products. Here are 8 incredible industrial applications of this vinegar.
Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar
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All You Need To Know About Noni Fruit

The miniscule noni fruit has abundant nutritional value and is used in many recipes. Here are some wonderful facts and Noni fruit uses.
facts About Noni Fruit
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Lemon Balm: Nutrient content, Uses, And Interesting Facts

Lemon balm plant has a calming effect. Its leaves are used to add flavor or make tea. Here is everything about the herb.
Facts About Lemon Balm
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Aronia Berries: Nutrition Chart and Interesting Facts

The round clustered Aronia berries are enriched in antioxidants and have high nutrition content.Take a look at some mind-blowing facts about this superfruit.
Facts About Aronia Berries
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Everything You Need to Know About Acerola Cherry

Acerola Cherry is an excellent tropical fruit containing many essential nutrients needed for the human body. Learn more about this phenomenal fruit.
Facts About Acerola Cherry
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Best Uses Of Ginger In Food and Beverage Industry

Ginger root is of great use to add flavor in drinks and bring warmth in food. Have a look at some excellent applications of the ingredient in food and beverage industry. 
Uses of Ginger
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Everything You Need to Know About Pink Himalayan Salt

Pink Himalayan Salt is the talk of the town and it’s all for good reasons. Check out everything about Pink Himalayan salt benefits, uses, & more in this comprehensive guide. 
Facts About Pink Himalayan Salt
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Top Vitamins and Minerals for Growing Children

Worried about your child’s diet? Here are the top vitamins for growing children you can consider supplementing with, if your child is too rigid with the daily balanced diet.
Vitamins and Minerals for Growing Children
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Elderberry – Interesting Facts, Nutrition Profile, and Uses

Elderberry plant is gaining a lot of popularity, thanks to its unending uses across varied industries. Are you yet aware of this superfood? Here’s everything you need to know about elderberries.
Facts About Elderberry
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Everything You Need to Know About Calendula

Calendula flower has a lot of uses than just decorating your home & garden. Here’s what you should know about the history & uses of the wonderful Calendula plant.
Facts About Calendula
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Amaranth – Interesting Facts, Nutrition Profile, Benefits, & More

The low-fat, cholesterol-free, and gluten-free amaranth is a dietary wonder. Check out these fun facts, nutritional information, and amaranth benefits right away.
Facts About Amaranth
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Bromelain – Overview, Uses, and More

Bromelain is gaining market for its predominant industrial uses. Do you yet know this enzyme right? Check out everything you ever need to know about bromelain enzyme.
Facts About Bromelain
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10+ Vitamin C-Rich Foods to Add to Your Diet

Vitamin C is essential for good health. But are you taking the right amount of vitamin C? Here are some of the best foods rich in vitamin C you can add to your daily diet.
Foods Rich in vitamin C
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Top Vitamins & Minerals for a Healthy Immune System

A healthy immunity is an unavoidable need. So, is your plate having good immunity? Check out the best minerals and vitamins for immunity boosting.
Vitamins & Minerals for a Healthy Immune System
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Nutrition Facts, Sources, and Uses of Soy

The world is now substituting all traditional foods with soy foods. Have you switched to soy protein yet? Learn the A to Z about soy proteins in this comprehensive guide.
Facts About Soy
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Why Is Vegetarian Food Considered Better Than Non-Vegetarian Food?

Being a vegetarian or non-vegetarian is a tough choice. While this controversy is always trending, here are some of the reasons you should decide on vegetarian food.
Vegetarian Food / Non-Vegetarian Food
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The Importance of Enzymes in Biological Systems

Enzymes are the key to proper body functioning. Do you yet know enough about these protein catalysts? Check out everything you ever asked about digestive enzymes.
Enzymes in Biological Systems
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Monk Fruit – A Comprehensive Overview and Interesting Facts

Looking for a healthy sugar substitute? It’s time you replace your refined sugar with monk fruit sugar. Here is everything you need to know about monk fruit sweetener.
Facts About Monk Fruit
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Top Foods Rich in Melatonin to Promote Sleep Cycle

Sleepless nights can be a big headache. But the good news is that regulating your sleep cycle isn’t difficult. Here are the best natural foods that can promote the secretion of melatonin hormone.
Foods Rich in Melatonin to Promote Sleep Cycle
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Everything You Need to Know About Parsley

Parsley has been in the hype for being an exotic garnish. Its high time you check out these interesting facts about parsley leaves.
Parsley Powder
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Shatavari – Facts, Uses, Formulations, and More

From your medicines to food, shatavari powder is everywhere. Check out all you ever wanted to know about this wonderful herb.
Shatavari Root Powder
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Top Uses and Benefits of Chlorella

Chlorella supplements are selling faster than ever in the market. Check out some important facts and uses of chlorella, you probably didn’t know.
Chlorella Powder
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A Comprehensive Guide to Buying the Right Organic Foods

Organic food is in the trend now. If you still haven’t made the “switch”, here are reasons that will compel you to switch to organic foods.
Organic Foods
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Lesser-Known Facts About Acai Berry

The Brazilian superfruit acai berry is loaded with nutrients. Here are some of the important facts about acai fruit you probably didn’t know.
Facts About Acai Berry
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Top Uses of Neem in the Cosmetics Industry

Neem-infused skin and hair products are ruling the beauty industry. Check out these wonderful cosmetics with neem extracts that are selling super-fast.
Neem in the Cosmetics Industry
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Lesser-Known Facts About Nettle Plant

Nettle plant is surrounded by much hype, thanks to its wide array of industrial uses. If you’re still not aware of this wonderful herb, its high time you should check out this comprehensive discussion.
Facts About Nettle Plant
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Most Effective Supplements for Runners

Runners need supplements for giving their best performance on track. Here are some of the most essential supplements for runners.
Supplements for Runners
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Role of Amla in Beauty and Wellness

The ayurvedic ingredient amla is used predominantly across various industries, thanks to its benefits. Check out the use of amla powder in the beauty and wellness industry.
Role of Amla
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Broccoli – Interesting Facts, Nutrition Guide, and More

Broccoli powder has gained a lot of popularity in recent times, thanks to its numerous health benefits. Here are some of the surprising facts and nutrition values of broccoli you probably didn’t know.
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Everything You Need to Know About Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is known widely for its exotic appearance and delicious taste. But do you know this tropical fruit enough? Here’s everything about the dragon fruits.
Dragon Fruit
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Everything You Need to Know About Boswellia

Boswellia Serrata is in the buzz, thanks to its wide range of amazing uses. Here is a comprehensive guide to the most versatile & highly beneficial Boswellia.
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Blueberry - Interesting Facts, Nutritional Value, and More

Love the sweet and fleshy blueberries? Check out these surprising facts, nutritional properties, and much more about blueberry powder.
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Yuca Root - Informational Facts, Nutritional Value, and Much More

The yuca root powder is gaining a lot of popularity, owing to its rich nutrient content and predominant culinary uses. Here is everything you need to know about yuca root.
Yuca Root
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A Comprehensive Guide to Passion Flower

Passion flower extract is gaining a lot of popularity in modern times, owing to its diverse usage. Here is everything you need to know about passionflower.
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Everything You Ever Asked About the Superfood Kale

Kale is totally in the hype in recent times. But do you know really know it the best? Here is everything you need to know about kale superfoods.
Superfood Kale
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Everything You Need to Know About Triphala

Triphala is a much-valued Ayurvedic wonder that has been in use for ages. Here are all the surprising facts about Triphala churna, you ever asked for.
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Essential Things Your Body Needs as It Ages

As you age, you need to take health more seriously. Here are some of the top essential nutrients to ensure the health and happy aging.
Nutrients Body Needs
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10+ Natural Foods Packed with Antioxidants

The health benefits of antioxidants are not hidden. Here, are the top natural antioxidant rich foods that can offer your body many benefits naturally.
Natural Foods
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Magnesium Stearate - What It Is & Where It Is Used?

The popularity of magnesium stearate is increasing due to its varied usability. Here is everything you need to know about magnesium stearate uses.
Magnesium Stearate
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Surprising Facts About Kelp We Bet You Didn't Know!

Kelp is gaining a lot of popularity and more & more people are engaging in kelp farming. Do you yet know these secrets about kelp forests?
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7 Essential Ingredients Your Multivitamins Must Have

Looking for good multivitamin tablets? Here are some of the top essential ingredients your multivitamin is expected to include.
multivitamin tablets
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Irish Moss Powder -What It Is & How to Use It?

Have you ever used Irish moss powder in your food? It is now time to learn the hidden secrets of this amazing superfood.
Irish Moss Powder
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Top Essential Vitamins for Skin You Probably Didn’t Know

Vitamins can offer many amazing skin benefits. Here are the most essential vitamins for skin that you can get from supplements, beauty products, and natural foods.
Vitamins for Skin
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How Start-ups Can Sustain & Grow in the Nutraceutical Industry?

While more and more start-ups are emerging in the nutraceutical industry, the competition is getting tougher day by day. Here are some of the best tips to survive and grow.
Nutraceutical Industry
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11 Super Healthy Foods Packed with Probiotics

You must be taking supplements to get your daily dose of probiotics. But did you know there are a plethora of natural probiotic foods as well?
Healthy Foods
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Top Vitamins & Supplements Used in the Beauty and Cosmetics Industry

Did you know the beauty and cosmetics products you are using contain a multitude of amazing vitamins & supplements? Know more about these skin-beautifying nutrients.
Cosmetics Industry
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Probiotics Market Size, Share, Trends, & Forecasts, 2021 – 2028

The global probiotics market is huge and constantly growing. Check out the global probiotics market trends & opportunities.
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Effective Powdered Nutritional Supplements that are Trending Now!

Did you know powdered nutritional supplements can offer better results than their chewy counterparts? Here are some trending powder supplements you’ll want right away.
Nutritional Supplements
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Top Supplement Packaging & Labelling Trends in 2021

A great supplement packaging and labeling technique can help a big deal in making your products successful. Here are some of the latest trends you can follow.
Packaging & Labelling
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Top Myths About Organic Food We Bet You Didn't Know

Organic food is surrounded by a lot of buzz in the present era. But are you really informed about what actually is meant by “organic”?
Organic Products
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Moringa Powder - Fun Facts, Uses, and More

The popular moringa powder has some best-kept secrets and can-do wonders if used properly. Here are some surprising facts on and uses of moringa.
Moringa Powder
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Best Tips to Shop for Safe Dietary Supplements

Choosing the right dietary supplement specific for your body can be a tough choice. Here are some of the best tips we know no one told you!
Dietary Supplements
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Things to Consider When Storing, Handling and Packaging Probiotics

CRN and IPA have recently updated the best practices document for testing, packaging, handling, and storage of probiotics. Are you aware of these new guidelines or still struggling to ensure your probiotics last longer?
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Use of Superfruits in the Beverage Industry

The much-hyped superfruits are making the beverage industry bloom like never before. From energy drinks to natural juices, superfruits are in almost all beverages and you surely need to know how these fruits are expected to take the beverage industry to new heights.
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10+ Recipes You Never Knew You Could Make With Apple Fruit & Keep the Doctor Away

Did you think apples are just mere fruits? Well, you might be wrong. Apple fruit can be an amazing ingredient for classic recipes and here we bring you a long list of toothsome delicacies you can make & savor at home.
Apple Powder
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10 Simple Ways to Take Your Recipes to the Next Level with Flaxseed

Flaxseeds are a secret booster to your homemade recipes and we bet you never knew about it. There are so many dishes that can be made delicious and nutritious just by adding a few tablespoons of flaxseeds.
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Top Uses of Turmeric in the Cosmetics Industry

From facewash and face masks to body butter and aroma oils, turmeric has been used in a wide array of beauty products since time immemorial. The modern cosmetics industry is progressing rapidly, but it still holds turmeric as its key strength.
turmeric curcumin
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Top 10 Herbal Ingredients Backed By Science

How many times you have been advised by your acquaintances to go HERBAL? Ring a bell? At least once in everybody’s lifetime, there comes a moment where you get such advice. But now the question arises as to why this craze has taken over the world?
Herbal Ingredients
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