Top Uses of Turmeric in the Cosmetics Industry

From facewash and face masks to body butter and aroma oils, turmeric has been used in a wide array of beauty products since time immemorial. The modern cosmetics industry is progressing rapidly, but it still holds turmeric as its key strength.
turmeric curcumin
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Top Vitamins & Supplements Used in the Beauty and Cosmetics Industry

Did you know the beauty and cosmetics products you are using contain a multitude of amazing vitamins & supplements? Know more about these skin-beautifying nutrients.
Cosmetics Industry
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Lesser-Known Facts About Nettle Plant

Nettle plant is surrounded by much hype, thanks to its wide array of industrial uses. If you’re still not aware of this wonderful herb, its high time you should check out this comprehensive discussion.
Facts About Nettle Plant
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Top Uses of Neem in the Cosmetics Industry

Neem-infused skin and hair products are ruling the beauty industry. Check out these wonderful cosmetics with neem extracts that are selling super-fast.

Neem in the Cosmetics Industry
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Tracing the Highs and Lows of the Cosmetic Industry

Organic cosmetic ingredient suppliers primarily source ingredients for a few categories of products. Let us know more about them here
organic cosmetic ingredient
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Lipstick Manufacturing 101- Everything & Beyond!

An iconic product like lipstick is beautifying lives for ages. Let us find out what goes into making of these fantastic products and the market trends & insights on lipsticks.
lipstick manufacturing
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Herbal Cosmetic Ingredients- Procurement, Trends & More!

Herbal ingredients have been around in the history of human civilization for ages and beyond. Find out popular wholesale herbal ingredients that are relevant today.
herbal cosmetic products procurement
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What Goes Into the Mesmerizing Deodorants? – Manufacturing Insider’s Story

Deodorant, one of the essentials of today’s times, impacts one’s lifestyle. Let us check out what goes into these unique products.
manufacture of deodorant
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Soap Manufacturing Guide- Market Statistics, Trends, Ingredients & More

Will you ever step into a washroom without soap? Not! Such is the importance of soaps. Let us dig into everything about soap manufacturing here.
soap manufacturing
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An Overview of All Plant-Based Gummies Ingredients

Creating high-quality plant-based health gummies with unique flavors without sacrificing nutrition is essential.
health gummies
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Sunscreen Manufacturing Process- Procurement, Trends & More

You never know how irreparable the damages can be with the harsh sun rays. Let us find out everything about the sunscreen manufacturing process and its importance in the skincare regime.
sunscreen manufacturing process
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The Power of Hydrating Skincare Ingredients According to Dermatologists

Learn about the most effective hydrating skincare ingredients dermatologists recommend, including hyaluronic acid, glycerin, ceramides, aloe vera, and squalane.
hydrating skincare ingredients
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