Who We Are

At Green Jeeva LLC, we're at the forefront of transforming raw material procurement with our state-of-the-art, tech-enabled platform. Our specialization spans across the Nutrition, Food, Beverage, and Cosmetic industries, and we're committed to revolutionizing how small and medium-sized companies source materials. By blending innovative technology with traditional procurement methods, we ensure our customers have access to superior products, competitive pricing, and faster delivery times.

Our services extend to diverse sectors, including Human Health, Pet Health, and Aqua Health, reflecting our broad expertise and commitment to various health and wellness industries.

Our Core Offerings

We take pride in our extensive range of key raw material categories, designed to meet a wide array of industry needs:

  • Food Ingredients

    From staples to specialty items, our catalog covers a comprehensive range of essential ingredients for the food industry.

  • Herbal Ingredients

    We offer a diverse selection of native herbal ingredients from around the globe, essential for a variety of applications.

  • Probiotics

    Responding to the increasing demand for gut and immune health products, we provide high-quality probiotics in various forms, including raw materials, blends, and bulk finished products.

  • Excipients

    Our excipient offerings are critical for numerous industries, focusing on non-toxic, vegetarian-friendly options.

We are committed to catering to diverse industry needs with both Organic and Conventional ingredients in various formats, including powders, extracts, whole, liquid, and cut & sifted options.

Quantity Ranges & Support

Customized Quantity Ranges
Customized Quantity Ranges

We understand the unique requirements of each customer and offer flexible quantity options, ranging from as little as 100 grams to as much as 1000 metric tons. This adaptability ensures we can efficiently serve both small-scale and large-scale needs. Our strategic warehouse facilities are located in key regions across the USA, Canada, and India, enabling us to optimize logistics and supply chain efficiency.

Comprehensive Support

Our dedication at Green Jeeva LLC goes beyond merely supplying raw materials. We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive technical and documentation support through both online and offline channels. Our team is committed to ensuring a seamless, efficient, and customized procurement experience for every customer.

Customized Quantity Ranges