Top Uses of Turmeric in the Cosmetics Industry

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Top Uses of Turmeric in the Cosmetics Industry

The ‘Golden Spice of India’, Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is one of the commonly used ingredients in the kitchen. However, it is known to be predominately ruling the cosmetics industry since its inception. Cultivated abundantly and available easily since the olden days, turmeric curcumin is used as an important ingredient in a number of beauty products. These turmeric-infused beauty products are used widely across the globe by both men and women.

Here, is a list of the most commonly used beauty products infused with turmeric owing to the wonderful goodness of this spice.

Top 6 Turmeric-Based Beauty Products

  • Facewash

One of the most commonly used beauty products that are laced with a generous amount of organic turmeric powder is facewash. Turmeric is blended with other essential extracts that together result in herbal facewash that are sold in the Indian and foreign markets.

  • Face Scrub

The face scrub is one of the most commonly purchased products in the beauty industry. Face scrubs are used to pull off dead skin cells and blackheads from the skin. You can find many face scrubs that are laced with turmeric curcumin to offer all the goodness.

  • Face Masks

Face masks or sheet masks are another important product that is used by all beauty enthusiasts. These masks are supposed to hydrate the skin, nourish dull and tired skin, and make the face cleaner and clearer. There are tons of face masks from many top beauty companies that are infused with generous amounts of turmeric.

  • Beauty Soaps

Beauty soaps and bathing bars are one of the most frequently purchased products in the beauty market. You can easily find a number of soaps infused with a blend of turmeric and essential oils.

  • Aroma Oils

Aroma oils are used by many people to massage the body or inhale the aroma directly. Many of these aroma oils are laced with turmeric as a key ingredient, thanks to its amazing smell and other essential health-related properties.

  • Body Butter

Who does not use body butter for that lovable and plumpy hydrated skin? Body butter is nothing but moisturizers that are generally used in hydrating the skin and keeping dryness at bay. Many of the body butter and moisturizers make use of turmeric along with other cosmetics ingredients.

The Final Words

The use of turmeric in the cosmetic industry has been appreciated by beauty enthusiasts and experts since time immemorial. Turmeric is also being used innovatively in many more beauty products as the cosmetic industry is evolving and progressing with time. So, if you are a fan of the golden household spice, shop for some amazing turmeric-infused beauty products the next time you go shopping for your cosmetics.

Disclaimer: The above statements are not intended to cure any disease or comply with any health benefits. This is solely for information purposes. Please consult your doctor/health practitioner before consumption of the product. Although we take efforts to keep our website informative, we do not guarantee any medical benefits.

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