How Start-ups Can Sustain & Grow in the Nutraceutical Industry?

Nutraceutical Industry
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As global health concern is rising rapidly, more and more people are coming up with the urge to stay physically fit and healthy and as this awareness is increasing among the masses, the nutraceutical market is booming day by day. More and more start-ups are surfacing in the nutraceutical market and the competition to survive and grow amidst this tough competition is huge. It is a matter of fact that all businesses have their individual levers and nuances that decide the rate of their growth over a specific period of time. Having said that, there are some common parameters that businesses can follow to survive in the nutraceutical industry and grow over time.

Top Parameters Determining the Survival of Start-Ups in the Nutraceutical Industry

  • Research & Development

It is a matter of fact that it gets significantly challenging for start-ups to attract the trust of customers for a given product in the nutraceutical market. This is due to the reason that modern consumers want research-based products and feel hesitant to try new brands. In such a scenario, the start-ups are expected to invest resources in performing effective research and development. They need to conduct thorough research for all ingredients and their effectiveness and get medical accreditation.

  • Branding

Most consumers tend to take Nutraceutical products randomly without having knowledge about the daily consumption dosage. They, in turn, end up overdosing on certain nutrients, while their body keeps lacking others. In such a scenario, it is important for businesses to take into consideration the needs and concerns of the customers. Businesses need to focus on product lines and branding and manufacture products for specific concerns, for individual markets.

  • Taste & Quality

Product quality and taste are two key parameters, determining the success of a brand. Consumers are generally choosy when it comes to the taste and quality of their supplements. Hence, brands need to make sure that they meet this expectation of the consumers.

  • Unique Ingredients

For a brand to take a strong stand amongst its competitors, it is important for it to make use of unique ingredients. Make sure you focus on innovative, natural ingredients that inculcate a good taste into the product while upholding its quality. Innovative ingredients with special health benefits are likely to attract a lot of customers, who want to try new things and are willing to buy the products at a premium price.

  • Distribution Strategy

How you distribute your products matters a lot when deciding the survival of your brand. Not only through their business website, but brands can also consider selling their products on third-party platforms. This can help businesses cater to their target customers in the most convenient manner.

The Final Words

It is a matter of fact that price, convenience, and taste are the top parameters that determine the future of any start-up in the Nutraceuticals and supplements industry. The start-ups are expected to be vigilant for these parameters and develop competitive strategies to achieve an edge over their competitors and get an excellent brand positioning.


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