10 Simple Ways to Take Your Recipes to the Next Level with Flaxseed

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Flaxseeds are in great use in recent times and a significant part of the population is consuming them regularly. A plant-based protein and a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, flaxseeds have gained popularity due to their versatility. Many people are adding flaxseeds to their meals without restructuring or modifying their existing diet plan.

If you are intrigued to know how to add your daily dose of flaxseed powder to your regular meals, you are at the right place and just a “read” away!

How to Boost Your Recipes with Flaxseed?

  • Swirl Them Into Your Smoothies

You can add one or two tablespoons of ground flaxseed to your morning smoothie. Combined with all those berries, nuts, and superfruits, flaxseed in your smoothie will serve as the perfect kickstart to your mornings.

  • Sprinkle Them Into Your Salad Dressings

If you are making a nutrition-packed salad bowl, add some flax seed powder to the dressing. Packed with iron, copper, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, selenium, magnesium, and manganese, flaxseeds add to the nutrients in your healthy salad bowl.

  • Add Them to Your Spread

Flaxseeds have enough fats to form a buttery and creamy spread for your bread and toasts. You can add ground flaxseed to any nut spread and apply the mixture directly to your toasts for a nutty feel and rich taste.

  • Add Them into Your Granola Bar

If you love granola bars and like to make these bars at home, add some powdered flaxseed to the mixture. Flaxseeds will add to the nutty texture of your granola bar and offer you an enriched taste and flavor.

  • Bake Them In

Whether you are baking cookies, muffins, cakes, or bread, you can always add some tablespoons of powdered flaxseeds to the flour mixture. This will add a subtle nutty texture and crunch to your muffins, tasting to an entirely new level.

  • Fold Them into Your Pancake Mix

If you are preparing a homemade pancake mix, add a few tablespoons of ground or milled flaxseeds. This will enhance the taste of your pancakes and offer you a good dose of essential nutrients.

  • Sprinkle Them Into Your Ice Cream

You can sprinkle some powdered flaxseed over your favorite ice cream, irrespective of the flavor. You can also sprinkle some whole flaxseeds if you would like some good crunch.

  • Add Them Into Your Soup

You can also add some flaxseeds to your homemade soups. Garnishing your soups with powdered flaxseeds to get a delicious crunch and nutty texture.

  • Substitute Breadcrumbs with Flaxseed Powder

Breadcrumbs are added to many recipes, including salads, soups, breaded chicken, and meatloaf. You can replace breadcrumbs with finely powdered flaxseed in these recipes. Substituting breadcrumbs with powdered flaxseed retains the crunchy taste and adds to the nutrient value of the dish.

  • Top Your Oatmeal With Flaxseed

You can add both whole and ground flaxseeds to your oatmeal breakfast bowl. Flaxseeds added to your oatmeal will offer you an excellent dose of fiber and protein.

The Final Words

Flaxseed can be added to many recipes to add to the taste and nutrients level. However, you need to store it right so that its shelf life is maintained. Storing flaxseeds in resealable and airtight containers will keep them preserved for a longer period of time.


The above statements are not intended to cure any disease or comply with any health benefits. This is solely for information purposes. Please consult your doctor/health practitioner before consumption of the product. Although we take efforts to keep our website informative, we do not guarantee any medical benefits.

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