Top Uses of Neem in the Cosmetics Industry

Neem in the Cosmetics Industry
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Also known as margosa or nim, neem is a fast-growing tree, belonging to the family of mahogany. Native to the Indian subcontinent and some parts of South Asia, neem has also been introduced in certain other parts across the globe including the Caribbean, Africa, and Central and South America. Neem has been valued for its amazing medicinal properties. It has been used in Ayurvedic, organic farming applications, and cosmetics.

Use of Neem Extract in Cosmetic Products

Neem has been used as a raw material in the beauty and wellness industry since time immemorial. Given its wide range of medicinal properties, neem is considered to work wonders for the skin and hair. Hence, it is used in the manufacture of a number of cosmetic products.

  • Face Wash

At present, a number of brands sell face wash infused with neem extracts. This is due to the reason that neem is believed to relieve blemishes and acne and help promote clear skin.

  • Face Scrub

Neem is also used in face scrubs to remove impurities and oils. It can remove bacteria and blackheads from the face and prevent the occurrence of acne.

  • Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Many brands are selling shampoos infused with neem extracts, at the present day. Neem extracts present in shampoos help in fixing dandruff, cleansing dead cells, and preventing flaky scalp.

  • Face Mask

Face masks infused with neem are common in today’s market. Neem present in face masks help in keeping the skin flawless and radiant.

  • Face Wipes

Neem face wipes are inexpensive and amazingly saturated. Neem infused face wipes help in removing impurities and revitalizing the skin. They help to restore the natural glow of the skin.

  • Skin Toner

Neem infused skin toners help in protecting the skin from sun tanning and removing discoloration. These toners clean the pores of the skin and remove surface impurities, including makeup.

  • Hair Oil

Neem-based hair oils are commonly found in the market today. These oils help relieve dry scalp and dandruff. They also stimulate hair follicles, leading to enhanced hair growth.

  • Soap / Body Wash

A number of organic as well as commercial soaps found today, are packed with neem extracts. These soaps and body washes usually have a herbal aroma and help keep skin moisturized and bacteria-free.

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