Streptococcus thermophilus Powder 400 B CFU/G
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Product Description

Potency: 400 Billion CFU/G 
Origin: Human isolate 
Attributes: Non-dairy, Gluten-free, Soy free, Corn free, Allergen free, Non GMO, Preservative free, Vegan
Available: Powder 
Appearance: White to cream-colored, free-flowing powder 
Shelf Life: Stable for 24 months at cold temperatures with proper storage and handling. Refrigeration is recommended.

Streptococcus thermophilus is a species of gram-positive bacteria. It's known for its ability to withstand high temperatures (thermophilic), as indicated by its name. This bacterium is typically spherical or ovoid in shape and often forms chains of cells. This bacterium is anaerobic, meaning it doesn't require oxygen for growth. In fact, it prefers environments with little or no oxygen.Streptococcus thermophilus plays a crucial role in the dairy industry as it is widely used in the production of yogurt and cheese.  It's considered a safe organism and is generally recognized as safe.

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Note: Information contained herein is believed to be accurate and is offered in good faith for the benefit of the customer: Green Jeeva, LLC., however does not assume any liability or risk involved in the use of its products since the conditions of use are beyond our control. Nothing contained herein shall constitute an express or implied guarantee or warranty with respect to Green Jeeva, LLC’s or their use.

Genetically modified organisms may pose risks to food safety. We do not accept streptococcus thermophilus powder from the farms and facilities where GMO products are stored or processed.

We accept products that do not contain any pathogens. We get our products tested in globally recognized labs for microbial counts, the presence of e.coli & salmonella, yeast & molds, etc. We accept products that are within limits considering consumer’s safety.

We do not accept irradiated or ETO treated products as irradiation kills the beneficial micro-organisms in it and risks the product's potency.

We do not accept products containing salmonella as it might cause gastrointestinal diseases to the consumer. To prevent & control biological hazards, we ensure that microbial parameters in our products comply with maximum limits set in USP.

We ensure that the products we provide are kept separate from each other in a suitable condition to maintain their authenticity and prevent any kind of cross-contamination, which may pose a risk to food safety.

Potencies are generally the total viable bacteriae in a probiotic product. We can provide various potencies as per requirement.

The streptococcus thermophilus powder which we supply is wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, peanut-free, soy-free. It does not possess any kind of allergen or gluten substances.

We ensure streptococcus thermophilus powder which we provide is a non-prohibited ingredient as it does not appear on the list of WADA prohibited substances. It complies with the requirement of WADA non-prohibitory substance.
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Country Of Origin: Denmark
Shelf Life:


Test Specification Test Methods
Description Off white colored powder with occasional specs with characteristic Odour Organoleptic
Identification Gram positive cocci shaped bacteria Microscopic
Free Water(Aw) Not more than 0.1 In house Method QC/MOA/028 (ISO/DIS 18787)
Content of (Total Viable Count)
Streptococcus thermophilus Powder 400 B CFU/G, Not less than 400 B cfu/g In house Method QC/MOA/028
Microbial Limit Test
Total Plate count Not more than 10,000 cfu/g USP<2021>
Total Yeast & Mold count Not more than 1000 cfu/g USP<2021>
E. Coli Negative USP<62>
Staphylococci(coagulase positive) Not more than 10 cfu/g USP<62>
Salmonella spp. Absent USP<62>
Listeria monocytogenes Absent ISO11290-2:2017
Enterococcus Negative FC11 Appendix XV

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Common Name

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Biological Source

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Parts Used

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Major components

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Other constituents

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Health categories

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