Shilajit Extract Powder 20% Fulvic Acid HPLC
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Shilajit Extract Powder 20% Fulvic Acid HPLC

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Product Overview

Botanical Name: Asphaltum species
Plant Part Used: Shilajit
Processing Method: Extraction

Shilajit also goes by the name "Mineral Pitch" and "Mineral Wax" in English. It is a sticky substance that can be found in Himalayan rocks primarily. Shilajit develops by the slow decomposition of plants over centuries. It is believed to possess medicinal properties and therefore finds its usage in dietary supplements. Shilajit is a common ingredient in Ayurvedic medicines that can positively affect the overall health of an individual.

QC Documents

  • Product Type:
    Raw Material/Extract
  • Product Category:
    Dietary Ingredients
  • Product Sub Category:
  • Product Mix Category:
    Conventional Extract Powders
  • Country of Origin:
  • Package Type:
    25.00Kg Kg Bag
  • Vendor Name:
    Venkatesh Naturals Extracts Pvt. ltd.