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Company Introduction:

PROBIOTICALstems from the thirty-year experience of the ALCE Microbiological Laboratory in the production of lactic ferments in direct inoculation for the dairy sector, becoming immediately an international leader in the research and production of probiotic lactic ferments for health use.

The activity of PROBIOTICAL is structured in different phases: research and development, isolation, characterization and production of probiotic strains aimed at the prevention and treatment of different pathologies; design and production of probiotic and symbiotic finished products specific for different therapeutic areas and supported by clinical studies .

The PROBIOTICAL Research and Development Area has over 80 patent families in the field of probiotic microorganisms , which concern both products and particular production technologies.

This approach has led PROBIOTICAL to emerge in a short time in the global market, meeting the most diverse needs of its customers, offering tailor-made products, made with highly technological and scientific methods.

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