You may find a cure in Ashwagandha for your anxiety disorder

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What is Ashwagandha? Why is it regarded as a magical natural remedy? It’s been used in India for long, it goes back to at least three millennia. The Ayurvedic therapists used it for its anti-ageing properties, boosting energy levels and curing anxiety. It is believed that this herbal supplement can give people a horse-like power and strength. Thus, it’s called Ashwagandha, which means ‘Smell of a horse’. It has a peculiar smell and many of its users feel an increase in their energy levels and vigour.

How Does It Work?

Though, the effectiveness of allopathic and ayurvedic medicines exist in parallel worlds, the benefits of Ashwagandha are still considered beneficial for lowering inflammation, reducing the risk Parkinson disease and increasing the count of white blood cells. It’s also said to benefit people with neurological disorders. As per Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, when traditional data and records on Ashwagandha were studied, a significant link between Ashwagandha and its positive impact on anxiety and stress was developed.

Ashwagandha For Anxiety

The herbal supplement contains two phytochemicals called alkaloids and lactones. These, when studied, were found effective on the erratic rise and fall of some hormones significant in anxiety disorder. It means during anxiety, Ashwagandha helps in increasing energy levels if they activity is low but also helps in blocking stimulants when the energy is too high. As this variation is widely seen in people suffering from anxiety disorder, Ashwagandha is considered effective for them.

Studies have found that people who get anxious in open places or amidst crowd are majorly benefitted by Ashwagandha. It is because the herb helps in bringing down the level of cortisol, a hormone that shoots up during stress and anxiety. Increase in the cortisol hormone also results in long-term physical and mental fatigue. It has also been seen that high levels of cortisol result damage of brain structure for memory and emotions. Therefore, Ashwagandha’s use results in instant boost of energy and calming effect on stress and anxiety.

Recent studies also show that Ashwagandha, when compared with anti-depressant and anti-anxiety drugs, showed better results on people who showed behavioural disturbances. Its use also showed that it has nearly no side-effects when compared to other medicines. It works by aiding the mood-stabilization. The herb decreases the neuron activity in brain and inhibits the neuro-cells from firings messages that causes anxiety and panic. This therefore, results in a calming effect on mind.

Other Benefits Of Ashwagandha

As it is herbal and a plant extract, Ashwagandha is beneficial for treating many other issues. Researchers say that it is highly beneficial for men. It’s because it has proven efficacy in increasing sperm count thus aiding fertility in them. It is also effective in treating severe hair loss, increasing muscle mass and strength. As it decreases inflammation and keeps diseases at bay, it’s considered good for strengthening immune system.

It might not appeal your taste buds, but it does have great health benefits for you to give it a try.

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