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Raising pets has been evolving for a while now. People started taking a keen interest in areas like the health and wellness of pets, the humanization of pets, etc. Moreover, pet parents are conscious of the food items for their pets. Let us know about the popular ingredients used in dog treat manufacture.

Scroll through social media to find dog lovers' content all around. Moreover, by digging deep, you can find a huge market for dog treats. People are evolving with their approach toward their pets. They want to comfort their pet and keep them healthiest in all possible ways.

Popular Dog Treat Ingredients

Pet owners are looking for healthier and natural supplements to keep their furry friends in the best state. There are supplement formulations specific to each health condition, like dental health, pregnancy, joint health, etc. Let us check out a few wholesale ingredients used to manufacture dog treats.

  • Kelp powder

Kelp is a marine plant popularly found near beaches. It is a type o seaweed that grows in shallow and is rich in vital macro-nutrients. Some of the kelp's most important nutritional compositions are vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

  • Pea protein

Pea protein is a natural polymer also used as a food emulsifier. It is the dominant ingredient in the nutraceutical and dietary ingredients. The dry from pea protein is used in several ways, from meat substitutes to sports nutrition.

  • Lentil flour

Lentils are great thickening and gelling agents. It is a popular binder in a wide range of food products. Lentil flour is a feasible raw material used in edible firms to manufacture final products. 

  • Guar gum

Guar gum is a bioproduct of cluster beans and is an agrochemical product. It is a popular additive in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic, wellness, and food industries.

  • Cassava root flour

Cassava root flour is a popular ingredient in the food, beverage, beauty, and wellness industry. It is popularly used to manufacture starch products, compositive flour, pet food, and fermented products.

Where Can You Buy These Wholesale Ingredients?

Dog treats are mostly about the quality and aftereffects. Hence, a special focus always remains on the authenticity of the ingredients. Your search ends here if you have been looking for wholesale ingredients for dog treats in bulk.

Green Jeeva is an acclaimed nutraceutical and dietary ingredients distributor with several herbal ingredients. The team does all the leg work for you while you focus on the core business to provide authentic and well-documented products.

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