Best Uses Of Ginger In Food and Beverage Industry

Uses of Ginger
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Ginger is a popular spice since ancient times as it contains numerous medicinal properties. It has its origin from Southeast Asia and is a part of Zingiberaceae family. The stem’s underground part or rhizome is a common ingredient in several recipes. It is packed with multiple chemical components like terpenes, phenolic compounds, organic acids, raw fibers, and lipids. Ginger root is largely used in dry powdered form or juice form.  

It has an immense demand in international market mainly due to its pleasant odor and distinctive taste. Even though there is a long history of ginger usage in traditional medicines, these days it is a functional ingredient in many soda, sparkling coffee, juice, and cuisines. Most food and beverage companies leverage the component to add flavor and warmth to their product.  

 Uses in Food Industry 

Ginger is used as a classic ingredient in Asian dishes especially in the regions of Japan, Korea, China, and Thailand. Several delightful sauces, gravies, pickles and marinades include ginger extracts. Its rich flavor and spiciness makes it a great element for fusion dishes. Ginger has a crucial role in baked goods industry as well. There is a huge popularity for gingerbread and ginger cookies. Ginger benefits in preparing mouth-watering frozen yogurt, ice-cream, and gelato products. The spiciness and refreshing flavor of ginger opens up new opportunities for companies to explore its usage. 

 Uses in Beverage Industry 

It is common to see ginger in energy drinks, herbal drinks, and sodas. Today, more people are liking flavored sparkling water drinks, Kombucha and ginger tea. So, it is wise for beverage manufacturers to utilize this growing market demand. Due to its strong taste, many non-alcoholic beer include the ingredient. Moreover, the increasing awareness towards health have created a demand for ready- to-drink detox product. Ginger is rich in iron, magnesium, and calcium which makes it a wonderful component for superfood lattes. Apart from all these, it can be used as a preservative for drinks.  

 Things To Consider While Using Ginger In Products  

  • Ginger has a unique warm, citrusy, and spicy taste. So, it is a bit tricky to balance the flavor with other ingredients. It works amazing when paired with fragrant elements and other components like honey, turmeric, fennel, cinnamon, etc.  
  • The powder form of ginger is the best starting material for preparing various beverages and dishes. 
  • To eliminate the pungent nature, you should heat process ginger before adding it in different products. 
  • Water-soluble ginger extracts are great for beverages like teas and non-alcoholic drinks. 

The popularity of ginger is not going to lose sooner. Many mainstream enterprises include the ingredient extracts in juices, probiotic drinks, coffee, and superfood lattes. It is also used in digestive shots, delicious dishes, and candies. If you are in search for high-quality ginger root extracts, then Green Jeeva will be a great option.


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