A Comprehensive Guide to White Kidney Beans

Facts About White Kidney Beans
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White kidney beans or cannellini beans are the main ingredient in several Italian dishes. These are a variety of common beans or Phaseolus Vulgaris that are native to South and Central America. Today, the legume is grown in every corner of the globe, but it is most popular in Italy. They are also classified as pole beans due to the climbing habit of the bean plant. In present time, white kidney beans are considered as an important food legume for their abundant nutrients. Moreover, white kidney bean extract is used in soups, stews, and medicine for obtaining the high amounts of protein in it.


The legume is a part of the big bean family that was imported to Europe just like other beans. White kidney beans are largely cultivated in Italy and used in multiple dishes like pasta, soups, etc. Traditionally, people also cooked its pod and leaves, while the plant’s straw was used for fodder. The beans have a rich texture and can absorb flavors easily, so they have a long history of culinary use.


1. Protein:

White kidney beans are one of the excellent sources of plant-based protein. They contain some beneficial proteins like protease inhibitors, lectins, and phaseolin. Lectins in white kidney beans prevent the starch from binding and work as carbohydrate blockers. Even though the kidney beans protein has less nutritional quality compared to animal protein, many consider it a great alternative.

2. Fiber:

The beans are rich in fiber and comprise an exorbitant amount of resistant starch. Along with that, they offer essential fibers like alpha-galactosides that act as prebiotics.

3. Carbs:

It mainly consists of starchy carbs, including amylose and amylopectin. Amylose is more digestible than amylopectin. As amylose proportion is higher in beans, the digestion takes a long time.

4. Vitamins and Minerals:

In white kidney beans, there are countless minerals and vitamins. Molybdenum is a trace element present in these beans. Along with that, there are iron, manganese, copper, vitamin B9, K1, potassium, and copper in white kidney beans that support health.

5. Other Compounds:

White kidney beans also contain various compounds in small amounts, like saponins, arcelins, trypsin, and phytic acid.  Saponins in the beans act as antioxidants and have a positive impact on the body.

Surprising Facts About White Kidney Beans

  • White kidney beans are creamy and have an earthy flavor.
  • Kidney beans got their name due to their shape like kidneys in the human body.
  • The powdered seeds are added to flour to gain the rich kidney beans nutrition.
  • Roasted white kidney beans are an amazing alternative to coffee beans.
  • After cooking the beans, their water is used to revive woolen fabrics.
  • The sprouted seeds are included in salads and other healthy menus.
White kidney beans are loaded with protein, fiber and several other micronutrients. Due to this, they have become a staple item in many cuisines around the world. For vegans and vegetarians, white kidney beans serve as an excellent source of protein. As the bean has high nutritional value, its extract is widely used in the pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and cosmetics industries.

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