A Comprehensive Guide to Buying the Right Organic Foods

Organic Foods
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What is Meant by “Organic”?

The term “organic” basically signifies the way in which a particular food item has been cultivated and processed. Organic foods are generally free from GMOs, pesticides, fertilizers, and synthetic herbicides.

Here are some of the reasons you should switch to organic and certain tips that can help you in this transition.

Benefits of Organic Foods

  • Organic food contains fewer pesticides

A lot of chemicals including synthetic fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides are used in conventional agriculture. Residues of these chemicals usually remain in the food and affect health when consumed. On the contrary, organic food contains minimum pesticides and are comparatively safer for health.

  • Organic farming is environmental-friendly

Organic farming does a lot of good for the environment. These practices help in conserving water, improving soil fertility, minimizing soil erosion, and reducing pollution. Organic farming also uses lesser energy and is safer for the wildlife living near farms.

  • Organic food is fresher

It is a matter of fact that since organic food does not contain preservatives, it has the ability to last longer.

  • Organic food is free from GMO

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are basically plants that have undergone DNA alteration. These plants have gone through traditional crossbreeding and are not natural. Organic foods are generally free from GMO content.

Tips For Choosing Organic Food

  • Buy What You Like to Eat

Rather than switching to organic food overnight, begin your journey with just a couple of items. You can start with the things you love to eat and gradually replace all your conventional food items with organic ones.

  • Read the Labels

Organic foods generally carry certified organic seals that signify that the products are free from chemicals. Hence, when buying organic food, you should look out for such certifications and the product shelf life.

  • Shop In Season

Consider buying seasonal foods as they are cheaper and packed with nutrition and flavor. Foods that are in the season are always fresh and healthy in comparison to the dried and frozen ones.

  • Prefer Quality Over Quantity

Switching to organic food may sound overwhelming and tempting. However, you should not choose products available in larger quantities at cheaper prices. You should rather prefer good quality organic food, even if the available quantity is less.

  • Avoid Shopping in Bulk

Buying organic food in bulk can result in the food getting spoilt faster. You should rather purchase organic food in smaller quantities and keep them sealed. You must also consider the storage instructions given on the outer package of the product.

Where to Buy Organic Ingredients From?

Many organic ingredients are used as raw materials in industries across the globe for the production of natural products. If you are looking forward to buying organic dietary ingredients in bulk quantities, you can place your order at affordable rates on Green Jeeva and Jeeva Organic.


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