10+ Recipes You Never Knew You Could Make With Apple Fruit & Keep the Doctor Away

Apple Powder
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Apples are a widely consumed fruit all over the world and can never be taken for granted! Jokes apart, apples can be made into several toothsome recipes rich in aroma and taste. From smoothies and shakes to cakes and muffins, the list goes on when it comes to cooking and baking with apple powder. You can take these super delectable apple delicacies as breakfast, dessert, evening snacks, or just munch-on for your quick hunger pangs.

So, let’s dig in and check out what amazing things can be made from these red round fruits to feast upon!

  • Classic Apple Cake
The classic apple cake is a timeless favorite of all. This cake is simple to make and has delicious flavors. With its fresh fruit and fluffy texture, this dessert is a mood uplifter.
  • Apple Pancake

One of the best recipes that you can make using apples is the evergreen apple pancake. You can make delicious fluffy apple pancakes easily at home. You can also sprinkle some generous amount of apple powder and add a scoop of ice cream on top of the pancakes to enhance the flavor and taste.

  • Apple Jam

No dining table does not have a bottle of fresh, fruity-smelling jam on the top. And if this bottle is packed with the goodness of apples it will lift your mood with its rich taste and flavor. You can easily make a preservative-free jam at home that spreads smoothly on your bread and toasts.

  • Apple Powder in Salads

You can make an amazing fruit or greens salad with apple powder. Add some finely chopped white and red cabbage, dill leaves, carrots, and freshly chopped apples to a bowl. Mix these properly with a drizzle of vinegar, a pinch of sugar, and a few lemon drops, and a dash of apple fruit powder, and serve fresh.

  • Danish Apple Pudding

The exotic Danish Apple Pudding is basically delicious buttery breadcrumbs teamed up with cream, apple powder, jaggery, cream, and cut apples. This creamy delightful dessert is served cool and fresh.

  • Apple Enchiladas

The super luscious apple enchilada is an amazing apple dessert, which is basically an apple pie rolled into a tortilla. Usually, a generous amount of brown butter sugar is drizzled over the apple enchiladas to get that sensational taste.

  • Apple Muffins

Apple Muffins can be an excellent breakfast choice and a great on-the-go snack to munch on in between your meals. These soft and fluffy muffins are easy to bake, offer a fresh aroma and taste, and readily melt in the mouth.

  • Apple Tart

The traditional Apple tart is loved by all! You will be left speechless by the amazing flavors of a crispy crunchy tart with apricot jam and cinnamon-flavored sugar-coated apples.

  • Apple Strudel

Apple Strudels are delicious pastries stuffed with honey and apples. Apple strudels are best served sprinkled with apple fruit powder and topped with a dollop of ice cream.

  • Apple Pie

The “classic” apple pie is one of the go-to recipes for apples. This is a delicious double-crust pie having a cinnamon-flavored apple filling inside it. Apple pie always makes for an excellent breakfast or evening snack.

  • Apple Crumble

An amazing dessert, Apple crumble has sugar-coated apple slices, crunchy almonds, and a rich vanilla flavor. It has a nutty texture and rich aroma with the goodness of apple fruit.

The Final Words

There are a plethora of amazing desserts that can be prepared with apples. So, if you have an aversion to apples, bake them into nice muffins or add them into a delicious salad to get a flavourful rich taste.


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