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The BENEFITS Of Partnering With Us 

  1. Strategic Sourcing

We at Green Jeeva not only perform mere internet searching for finding ingredients, but we rightfully call it strategic sourcing. The reason behind it is that our sourcing personnel have complete knowledge of:

  • Crop yield 
  • Variations in prices of ingredients at various seasons 
  • Country of origin 
  • Substandard species of ingredients sold at a lower price, etc. 

Our sourcing personnel is highly knowledgeable about the agroeconomics of each potential region for the market.

  1. Virtual Inventory

Green Jeeva gives an option to maintain your virtual inventory at three locations in the USA, namely, California, Texas and Las Vegas. We help in addressing various issues related to warehousing in USA like:

  • Possessing your warehouse at affordable cost. 
  • Lack of space in the current warehouse.
  • Urgent delivery needs at certain locations to your client. 
  • Experienced shipping and logistics personnel, etc. 

All these tasks are handled at your fingertips by setting your virtual inventory with us.

  1. Transparency

At Green Jeeva, factory transparency is our top priority. We provide you with compliance transparency on each ingredient listing. You can also find complete details about each factory, their certifications, and factory set pricing.

  1. Regulatory & Quality Control Documents

With us at Green Jeeva, you do not need to wait for receiving quality documents required to qualify the ingredients for the purpose of approval and purchase. We have already uploaded quality documents ready for your reference. We have a manufacturer’s original quality documents that include:

  • Certificate of Analysis 
  • Specification sheets 
  • KOSHER, HALAL, cGMP, FSMA, HACCP certifications
  • letter of Guarantee
  • Non-GMO declarations 
  • BSE/TSE free declarations, etc.

As a result, it reduces lag time in approval to the production process.

  1. Authenticity 

As our dedicated R&D team conducts extensive research on all products and companies, you can rely on us for the most accurate business information. In order to provide you with authentic products, we carry out thorough account verification for every registration.

  • Our security check policy includes:
  • Multi-level verification. 
  • Mobile verification 
  • conventional email verification. 
  1. Purity & Traceability

We are committed to providing data on purity and traceability of ingredients at Green Jeeva. Hence, we carefully perform background checks on each ingredient from farm to factory and during the supply chain.

  1. Record Turnaround Time

Green Jeeva understands the importance of your time and hence we work on the “Within 24 Hours Quote” strategy for your valuable inquiry. Therefore, we treat all inquiries as “Urgent”.

  1. Pricing

Green Jeeva LLC collaborates with quality vendors from all across the world. Currently, we have collaborated with vendors from 20 countries and still counting. As we conduct extensive research on the country of origin of each ingredient, our ingredient prices have become more competitive without compromising on authenticity.

  1. Samples

We can provide you with samples in different pack sizes. Whether you require it for the purpose of lab testing or sample production runs, they are available for you upon filling prepopulated documents. 

  • Request a sample for any ingredient.
  • Complete the required document.
  • We will mail your sample within 2-3 business days. 
  • Safe search
  1. Responsive Customer Care 

As we at Green Jeeva value our customers, our mission and vision revolve around addressing every concern of our customers within 24 hours. By seeking assistance from our subject matter experts, you can avail of technical assistance and other customer services 24x7x365. 

  1. Skilled Technical team:

We are proud to have a dedicated team of professionals from the backgrounds of life sciences like Pharmacists, Formulation Scientist, and Nutritionists. They have profound knowledge on products and already have served key positions in the industry of Dietary Supplements. As they formulate our products, we can provide you with a complete set of documents for your regulatory needs.

  1. Broad Range of Products:

Green Jeeva has warehouses in multiple US locations, namely, Texas, California and Las Vegas with a wide range of products like Organic, Specialty, Herbal and nutraceutical, and specialty ingredients to ensure constant product availability.